Company Team

Graduated with a First Class Honours degree in BA Modern Languages & History in 1991. Initially employed in the international logistics sector he developed a broad knowledge of import-export commercial practice before establishing Fortuna Healthcare as a family run business start-up in 1995. He has been instrumental in ensuring the successful expansion of the company and remains passionate about serving the best interests of customers and employees alike as well as supporting various community based projects.
Graduated from Queens' College, Cambridge and obtained a First in the Medical Sciences Tripos. He completed his clinical studies at Guys' Hospital Medical School, London and went on to obtain an MD thesis in Neuro-regeneration and Neuro-protection at University College, London. He worked as a Consultant Neurosurgeon at Queen’s Hospital, Romford for over 15 years, while working part-time as a non-executive Director of Fortuna Healthcare. With the continuing success and expansion of the company he has recently taken a full-time role with particular responsibility for developing the independent living division.
G AGLIATA - Operations Manager
Joined Fortuna Healthcare in July 2008 initially as International Sales Co-Ordinator. In a short time he soon began to develop some of the wider and more complex administrative functions of the overall business and was offered the enhanced role of Administration Manager. Extensive computer software knowledge has enabled him to develop the company’s administrative capabilities and he is now currently working in the role of Operations Manager supervising the Customer Services Department as well as overseeing IT/Facilities and Health & Safety affairs throughout the company.
E FERGUSON - Mobility Services Manager
Joined Fortuna Mobility in January 2011 when the company's retail venture was first being developed as a concept. As a result of previous longstanding and extensive experience in the Mobility sector she has been instrumental in growing the project along traditional retail lines to create one of London's largest mobility centres whilst also helping to develop ambitious plans to diversify through related activities such as training and care services.
A PATANI - Financial Controller
A Business Graduate and a Qualified Accountant (CIMA Professional). Has over 20 years post qualification experience in various senior finance roles in IT (Computacenter and Fujitsu) and Mobile Telecoms (EE), having worked heavily in major projects including Business Transformation and Outsourcing. Joined Fortuna Healthcare in 2012 to head Finance. Experienced in all aspects of finance with a particular focus on strategy, operational efficiency & process improvement, management information and cost control.
J SHEEHAN - Sales & Marketing Manager - UK & Ireland
An experienced and successful sales manager having spent 29 years at Cadbury in various field sales and account management roles. Joined Fortuna Healthcare in November 2015 with a remit to manage sales turnover growth across the entire pharmacy sector as well as explore other exciting new opportunities emerging in the market.
T SLADE - Warehouse Manager
A senior manager with over 20 years experience in warehousing. Previous experience includes working in a supervisory/managerial capacity for the distribution companies Prism and Telstar/Startle. Joined Fortuna Healthcare in December 2006 as Assistant Logistics Supervisor and was soon promoted to the position of Warehouse Manager in December 2007. Currently manages a team of up to 20 warehouse staff and is responsible for running an organised and expanding warehouse operation.
N TAGLIARINI - Product Category Manager
Has a proven track record in developing product categories into large commercially viable business areas. Experience has been gained working for Tesco plc in various commercial roles for many years. Joined Fortuna Healthcare in February 2009 to manage the company’s portfolio of products and has been successful in the development of a number of new lines integral to increasing company sales turnover and profit margin as well as raising the overall commercial profile of the business within the pharmacy sector.
Customer Services Department V Braganza Customer Services Co-Ordinator
  L Colli Customer Services Co-Ordinator
  S McCreith Customer Services Co-Ordinator
  M Meyer Customer Services Co-Ordinator
  C O'Connell Customer Services Co-Ordinator
Finance Department M Gjokola Finance Assistant
  S Gosai Credit Controller
  R Mazarire Inventory Analyst
  E Mehmet Wholesale Merchandiser
Sales & Marketing F Accattatis Sales & Marketing Project Co-Ordinator
  R Gosai Sales & Marketing Senior Adminstrator
  R Baffa A Martin
  A Bashir S Newell
  S Gynn P Patel
  S Hunt J Savege
  M Johnson K Snowball
  B Kerr M Ta
  A Lount B Vora
  A Maclaren S Wilkins
  D Maisey M Williams
Product Development R Kusi Product Designer
Warehouse F Bacha Warehouse Assistant
  M Baffa Warehouse Assistant
  M Castiglione Warehouse Assistant
  A Greenway-Page Warehouse Assistant
  M Guarda Warehouse Assistant
  J Hedger Assistant Manager
  N MacPherson Warehouse Assistant
  G Marchione Warehouse Assistant
  D Melvin Warehouse Assistant
  C Messina Warehouse Assistant
  V Migliore Assistant Manager
  S O'Connell Warehouse Assistant
  D Paldino Warehouse Assistant
  T Patel Warehouse Assistant
  U Singh Raud Stock Controller
  E Soames Warehouse Assistant
  C Speller Warehouse Assistant
  G Street Warehouse Assistant
  K Syty Warehouse Assistant
Fortuna Mobility V Bolukbasi Mobility Services Assistant
  A Boreham Mobility Services Assistant
  C Canadé Mobility Services Co-Ordinator
  R Cavedaschi Mobility Services Administrator
  M Habib Mobility Technician
  K Kirby Mobility Services Assistant Manager
  Z Mohamed Mobility Services Assistant
Bambach UK E Celebi Administrator
  D Ions Administrator
  K Knox Administrator
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